Chris Diegan

Chris Diegan
Metabolic Precision Certified Nutrition Coach, Diploma in Fitness
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As a Competitive 100m & 200m sprinter, Chris has a passion for fitness, sport, strength & speed development, and body transformation.

With a wealth of knowledge and comprehensive sporting experience, Chris knows exactly what it takes for an athlete to perform to the best of their ability, and the best way for an individual to achieve a total body transformation.

Chris implements modified strong-man training for fat-loss and boxing in his sessions as a way of providing variety and faster results.

Chris’s ideal clients are:
– Beginners looking to lose bodyfat and gain an understanding on nutrition for fat-loss and better health
– Athletes looking to increase their speed and strength for their sport
– Chris has a gentle approach that is great for those who lack the confidence & expertise to get adequate results in the weight-room.