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Enabling Your Best Body Anywhere Around The World

Your best body at the click of your fingers…

Online training, enables you to work one on one with bodyseek from anywhere in the world.

We bring you over 22 years combined experience in the Industry, coupled with Advanced knowledge in Strength Training and Nutrition for Optimal Health and Body Transformation.
Please note: Our ideal clients are looking for a physique transformation.

What will you get when you work with bodyseek?

After our initial consultation (by phone, facebook or skype) you will receive:

1. A Personalised Program:
Your program will be designed specifically for you and you only based on your answers in our goal setting questionaiire. The exercises, sets, tempo and rest periods will all be explained in an easy to read template.

2. Customised Nutrition Plan:
This will be designed based on your current physique, which will go hand in hand with your goals and set training program. You will be given a shopping list, portion sizes, when to eat and what supplements to take to compliment your goal and optimise the best results possible.

3. Support & Guidance
Fortnightly check ins with your coach, progress is tracked by your food diary, measurements/skinfolds and progress photo’s.

If you are interested in becoming an online client with bodyseek please fill in your details in the contact form below with an ideal start date.

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