A Selection of Our Results From Our Amazing Clients

  • Eric Kydd

    Eric Kydd

    I first got in touch with Tim for a general body fat check leading into my first bodybuilding competition (March 2014). We got chatting and I soon realised this guy knows his stuff, like really knows his stuff! Sure enough, Tim set me up with a week to week training program and nutrition plan to get me in competition condition. I placed 3rd in my first ever comp but this was just the beginning of my bodybuilding journey with Tim as my coach.

    A few short months after my first competition Tim and I focused on stacking on the muscle while adding minimal bodyfat, so I could come into my next competition (September 2014) bigger, harder and leaner. Tim’s plan worked and my muscle increased while my bodyfat went down and sure enough I stepped on stage 4-5kg heavier than I was in my first comp and more importantly, I was leaner. I went on to win the Novice division in INBA and won the u90kg and overall Victorian title in ANB, as well as a 2nd at nationals in the novice division. Overall, a very pleasing first year of bodybuilding with an outstanding off season and comp preparations thanks to Tim at Bodyseek.

    Tim has a fantastic knowledge of nutrition, supplementation and training, but it’s his strong desire to continue learning for the benefit of his clients that I admire most. I look forward to continue working with Tim for years to come.

    Eric Kydd

    Won U/90kg and Overall ANB at the Victorian Championships
  • Samantha Sacco Frazzetto

    Samantha Sacco Frazzetto

    My name is Samantha, I’m 28 years of age and have been training for over 5 years now. Whilst I started as most women do with cardio only training sessions, I decided I lacked motivation so I joined a boot camp team where I quickly realised that weight training was my passion. I signed up with a PT and learned that I had some potential in building lean muscle fast. After a few years I noticed my body wasn’t really changing and I decided that it was my diet that was holding me back. I knew what I wanted to look like but didn’t have a clue where to start. Coming from a European background, I knew dieting was going to be challenging, so I wanted some educated guidance on what I should do.

    My friend Michelle gave me Tim’s details. I’d heard he specialised in body sculpturing and competitions so I was a little apprehensive to see Tim as I had no intention to go down that track. After a Bioprint session and discussion with Tim, I felt like I was in good hands. Tim’s knowledge is second to none. He opened my eyes to what I have been doing wrong this whole time, and why I hadn’t seen dramatic results over the past 5 years. Just by doing my biosig, he knew I suffered from digestion issues and lack of sleep.

    He was able to sort me out with a very specific diet plan, one that would work for MY body, not some generic one that was found off the internet. Tim also recommended a range of natural supplements to aid my progress.

    Within a few weeks, my digestion issues that I had long-suffered with had dramatically decreased, and I was having a good night’s rest.

    After attending an ANB workshop, I made a last minute decision to enter in my first competition and entered Novice Fitness Model & U30’s Open. Throughout my competition prep, I had many questions, this was all very foreign to me. Tim supported me 120% during this time. Whether I was having a carb-depletion meltdown, supplement or any other strange question, Tim was always available. If I called and he was busy, he called back as soon as he became free. I felt like I was in the safe hands, which was extremely important to me. Training and dieting were hard, but Tim made it as easy as humanly possible for me.

    During my short 5½ week prep and Tim’s training & diet plans, l dropped from 18.6% to 10.4% body fat and put on 4.6kg of lean muscle. I placed 3rd & 5th in this competition. Along with finishing my Half Marathon and Tough Mudder, my competition has been my proudest achievement to date. To get on stage and be recognised for my hard work and dedication was a feeling I’d never forget, and I was proud to represent Tim and bodyseek on stage.

    I’ve since developed a passion for Competing and I finished season B of 2015 with 3rd place in Figure Tall Class Open Division, which I’m wrapped with having started in Fitness only 5 months ago.

    Meeting Tim has opened me up to many opportunities I never thought were possible. I’ve made a tonne of new friends in the fitness industry and I’ve gained a new confidence and lease on life. I’m happy with the way I look and I know what I’m capable of.

    Being affiliated with ANB, I have had photoshoots and even applied to be a covergirl on Oxygen Magazine, making the final 3 out of 350 competitors and being published in the magazine.. I owe all of this to Tim, his knowledge has set me up for a fit future, and I’m very grateful. I’ve since recommended many of my family and friends to Tim and they are equally as happy with their results. If you’re tired of training and not getting results like I was, go see Tim!

    Samantha Sacco Frazzetto

    Lost 8.2% bodyfat in just over a month to compete for her first time.
  • Steph Marshall

    Steph Marshall

    I’ve been training with Tim for about three years now and as you can see the results are beyond my own expectations. I’ve trained with many trainers before, but I always seem to hit a wall or have lost interest a couple of weeks in.

    With Tim, it’s a whole new ball game.  Every program is different, pushing me beyond my limits to new strengths and expectations!

    He is more than just a PT, he’s super educated in health and nutrition, and therefore has managed to change my whole attitude towards food.

    The results speak well for me but I can’t thank Tim enough for showing me a new way of life!

    Stephanie Marshall

    Lost 8kg in 12 weeks
  • Sarah Savio

    Sarah Savio

    When I approached Tim for coaching I had lost some weight on my own but was seeking the knowledge and expertise of someone to take my diet and training to the next level.

    I came to bodyseek with an underactive thyroid, stressed hormones and lack of motivation due to the Plateau with my body.

    Since training seriously with bodyseek as of February 2015 I have reduced my body fat from 24.4% (Size 12-14) to now October 2015 of 16.6%. (Size 10)

    Tim’s training programs are enjoyable, challenging yet rewarding.

    My strength, endurance & ability have sky rocked due to the variety in the training and the nourishment in my diet prepared by Tim.

    My overall health is the best its ever been.

    I have now lost a total of 34.9kg.  I cannot thank Tim enough for the knowledge, advice and encouragement he has given me along the way.

    Sarah Savio

    Has lost a total of 34.9kg, going from a size 14 to size 10.
  • Jonathan


    For a portion of my childhood and throughout my teenage years I was overweight and unfit. Albeit the initial cause was out of my control, there was no denying I had absolutely no idea about eating right and keeping fit.

    Soon after turning eighteen something clicked inside of me and I realised I was mostly unhappy with who I was, and that it was largely a misrepresentation of who I was. So I made the decision that would change my life permanently.

    Initially I did the obvious stuff, cut out excessive fats and sweets, and started the weight loss through nightly running. This only got me so far though, I had lost some weight but that wasn’t just what I had set out to do. Given a history of heavy lifting in the family, I was inspired to go further.

    At this point I sought the help of Tim. With the time I have spent with Tim over the past two years, to say I have learnt a great deal would be an understatement. I learnt about nutrition, food chemistry, supplementation and all the different types of weight training.

    The results speak for themselves, but you will never get there without one critical thing, dedication. You need to reprogram your mind; teach it needs and wants over again and self control.

    In the beginning the pain was horrible, but looking back, it was way more than just plain worth it.

    If you want to change your life, be prepared to do just that. You will find you change far more than just the physical too.

    I thank Tim for all the expert advice and training he has imparted on me, and look forward to many more accomplishments in the future.


    Lost 16.1kg of Fat and added 15kg of Muscle
  • Candice


    I met with Tim last year on my 30th birthday.

    I had already lost 15 kgs so it wasn’t necessarily the weight loss I was after, I had started to gain weight again and my body composition was not changing (I was still hovering around a size 12) – no matter how many calories I counted or how hard I pushed with my old gym.

    I had gone through a horrible divorce 2 years prior that left me with an extremely low self-esteem and I was constantly second guessing myself, not to mention the health issues: chronic insomnia, skin issues and bloating that I’d had for a few years.

    When I met Tim I told him I had the specific goal to compete in a body building competition, however my main goal was to get back my confidence.

    I enjoyed the gym, but I told Tim I wanted to take it to the next level.

    Tim completed the biosignature on me and straight away picked up my problem areas.

    It turned out I had hormone imbalances (all later backed up by medical tests with a Functional Medicine Doctor) and gluten intolerance, which made so much sense why I wasn’t achieving my goals previously!  With all of this information, my confidence in Tim grew, and I knew I could trust his processes!

    My diet was changed and my gym program was intense and pushed me beyond limits I never thought I was capable of.

    Tim made it fun, challenging and rewarding.

    Finally seeing changes in my body composition (back down to a size 8 the same size before I was married!), I had found the self-confidence I had lost and surprisingly ALL of my medical issues had disappeared (some I had taken medication for, for over 10 years!!!).

    Seven months later, and in the best shape of my life in the midst of contest pre, my new partner and I we were surprised to learn that we had fallen pregnant!

    I feel so lucky to have found Tim when I did.  I don’t think there are enough words to thank Tim for how much he has changed my life!

    Going from pushing my body to prepare to compete in a body building competition, to the most amazing changes you see in your body during pregnancy has been a whirlwind, but I am so grateful to be in the best physical, mental and spiritual shape of my life all because of Tim!

    My body building journey might be on hold for now… but I will definitely be back to see Tim to get back my pre-baby body!


    Achieved more than she ever thought possible.
  • Sharlene Mik

    Training with Tim at bodyseek was the best decision I have made as a newbie to the fitness and bodybuilding industry. With no experience in the competitive industry, I constantly felt like I was in the hands of someone I could trust.

    Tim goes above and beyond to make me feel secure about my workouts and nutrition, and I always know I can count on him for support. He picked me up when I hit rock bottom and completely transformed my mindset.

    He is someone who truly knows what he is talking about and has a 110% passion and commitment for his job, as well as the broadest knowledge of the fitness industry as a whole. I cannot speak highly enough of Tim and bodyseek, I have found a trainer for life in him.

    Sharlene Mik

    Finally found a trainer she can trust 110%