The bodyseek Advanced Program Design Course.

The goal of all serious personal trainers and coach’s is to be able to design a perfect training program for every client, every time.

Regardless of the goal at hand, designing systems that are appropriate for the clients training age, injury history, and physical condition will accelerate your results, making you an asset in the industry.

Often, Coach’s develop training programs without understanding the fundamental principles behind muscle growth, strength gain and fat loss. Designing optimal training schemes require precise use of all training parameters; Exercise selection, Sets, Reps, Tempo, Rest intervals as well as other key variables.

The Body Seek Advanced Program Design course is a combination of years of experience and education that will transform your approach to program design.

This is designed for the professional coach, from beginner to experienced who wants to learn the advanced systems and methods we use.

With years in the trench’s coaching clients as well as learning from the world’s top practitioners, Head Educator Dale Hansford will teach in a way that is easy to digest yet exposes the attendees to advanced concepts. He has trained countless numbers of general population clients as well as powerlifters, cyclists and strength sport athletes at national and world championship levels.

Over a period of three days, you will learn and become proficient at;

  • Designing programs to increase Muscular Growth, Strength Gains and Fat Loss
  • When and how to use Major Compound, Isolation and Remedial exercises
  • How to vary the key components of program design; Reps, Sets, Tempo, Rest Intervals
  • What assessments to use with clientele to gather the appropriate information to ensure the right training system is utilized
  • How to personalize program for varying clientele, from beginners in need of body composition changes to advanced trainees wanting mass gain.

Students will be given the opportunity to write multiple programs across the three days to be critiqued and adjusted to suit their style of coaching, ability and clients. Students will also be exposed to varying training methods across several sessions.  This will further aid in retaining the information taught.


7.30 -10am
Meet & Greet, Course Introduction, and explanation of key concepts

Categorization and parameters of schemes for Strength advancements, muscular growth and fat loss


Client assessment protocols

Physical assessments; Strength testing, length/tension testing, Body Composition

Training Session 1: Relative Strength/Functional Hypertrophy Workout

Individualizing the workout to the client


Wrap Up, Q&A


Exercise Selection and execution

When and how to use the major Compound Lifts, Assistance exercises and Remedial/Rehab/Prehab movements

Application of Key loading Parameters; Sets, Reps, Tempo, Rest Interval

How to apply the assessment information from a client into a program, adjusting each key parameter to suit


Periodization Concepts and application

An overview of the key periodization types, and how to apply them for every situation

Training Session 2; Hypertrophy workout


Program Design Case study and Q&A



Tying together all aspects of program design;

Training Frequency, Training Split, Client assessment, Exercise Selection, and the application of the OPTIMUM Set/rep/tempo/rest period combination

How to apply programs into long term schemes of multiple training cycles


Applying the learnt knowledge into individual programs

Training Session 3; Fat loss

5pm – 6.30pm

Case studies, group photo andwrap up


Early Bird Pricing $997 if enrolled by 12thJanuary

Regular Price $ 1197

For enrollment/ expressions of interest please do so via our contact form

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