Become a Master of Program Design and a world-class coach who consistently produces jaw dropping results.

In an industry that is saturated but not competitive, it is important for PT’s to level-up and become a highly trained Coach to separate themselves from the pack. 

Our Advanced Program Design Course will do just that and it is guaranteed to fast track your career

The 3 keys to success in a personal training business are the three R’s, Results, Retention and Referrals

If you consistently provide results for clients, you will have a stronger retention rate, and happy clients are the best to provide referals into your business

What you will learn:

The Bodyseek Program Design & Periodisation Course is a combination of years of experience and education that will have you become a pro at program design and dominate your market.

This course is light years beyond your Cert III & IV or “CEC” accredited program design course.

You will learn to program strength training Macrocycles using both Linear & Undulating Periodisation for the short & long-term client, You will be equipped with a skill set that will allow you to design progressive programs for your clients from 12 weeks up to 4 years. 

This course is for the professional coach, new or experienced who wants to learn the advanced systems and methods we use to produce world-class results.

Students Results:

Laura Personal Trainer

Rene Personal Trainer

Kelly Personal Trainer

My experience attending Bodyseek’s courses has been invaluable. I attended both Advanced Strength Program Design and Transformation Camps, which were presented by Head Coach Chris Bottomley.

Both of these courses were delivered in a simple and easy to follow manner. It was a combination of both theory and practical, where we put our learnings to practice training twice per day.

This practical component I believe is vital when learning to experience yourself but also learn how to improve exercise execution as well. We were provided with course books to reference and Chris encouraged us all to contact him if we needed any additional support following.

Investing in Bodyseek’s education has helped me deliver a higher standard of coaching to my clientele. From perfecting technique to writing specific programs for strength, hypertrophy and fat loss. These courses were well worth my time investment and I highly recommend them to any coaches that want to get some serious results

You will learn, understand & know how to apply:

  • Assessments 
  • Fundamentals
  • Conditioning
  • Upper Body Considerations & Progressions
  • Lower Body Considerations & Progressions
  • Linear Periodisation
  • Undulating Periodisation
  • The Best Training Splits
  • Primary Lift Periodisation
  • Intensifiers, Methods & Implements
  • Exercise Execution from 4 Training Sessions

Strength is the mother of all qualities, whether you’re training general population, the recreational athlete or weekend warrior – this course provides a thorough foundation

Course Itenary:

Day 1:


  • Meet & Greet
  • Training Session 1


  • Assessments & Structural Balance 
  • Fundamentals
  • Conditioning


  • Lunch


  • Upper & Lower Considerations & Progressions
  • Linear & Undulating Periodisation 


  • Training Session 2

Day 2:


  • Training Session 3


  • Primary Lift Periodisation
  • The Best Training Splits
  • Intensifiers, Methods & Implements


  • Lunch


  • Applying the System 
  • Programming


  • Training Session 4
  • Q&A / Parking Lot Session

You will receive:

  • Course Booklet with Macrocycle, Mesocycle & Program Templates
  • Rep Scheme Appendix

Time & Location 

Program Start Date: 19th & 20th of October,

Time: 8:00am to 5.30pm

Location: Address: 6/92-100 Champion Rd, Williamstown VIC 3016

Phone: 90783005