1. Are you happy with the nutritional programming you have received so far and do you find the iNutrition Pro software easy to use? Please elaborate in as much detail as you wish.

Absolutely loved it! It’s so easy to navigate but importantly I can easily keep tabs and monitor my macros. This allows me to know how much I’m eating and what I’m putting into my body. So far I have seen results not in just my physique but also my metabolism as it has increased. As a bonus, I am loving the food, enjoying it and feeling more energised. Tim has done such a great job to plan out my nutritional plan according to my body type and in turn the results have shown.

2. Are you happy with the structure of the training program you are currently on? Has your coach provided you with enough motivation and education both during and outside your sessions with them? Please elaborate in as much detail as you wish.

I’m enjoying my workout sessions with Chris so far and find the program very effective. Every week I am feeling more energised and stronger. Chris has helped me so much in terms of focusing on specific muscle groups to allow the workouts to be more effective. This pushes me to work harder every week to beat my PB and do better than the last. My training with him has been quite flexible which makes it really easy for me to work around my work timetable.

3. If you could improve one thing that would improve your experience with us what would it be?

At the moment I am super happy with both nutrition and training and find that this is such a great step into my fitness journey. If anything just encouraging the team to continue to do what they’re doing because it’s obviously working. Great job and thank you!

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