Written by Chris BottomleyClient Name: Tristan Danque
Client Result: Strength & Body RecompositionTristan Danque, a former coach at Bodyseek undertook a structured strength training program with me in late in 2018 with the goal to increase his predicted 1RM on his Squat & Dip, while improving his body composition for his trip to the Philippines.

For his training, we prioritised getting strong him strong with the primary lifts, in particular, Dips, Shoulder Press, Incline Bench Press, Chin Ups & Squat variations on a 4-day split. An interesting point to note is Tristan trained between 16 to 24 working sets per session.

Whenever I start with a new client I always preached quality over quantity & prescribe the minimum effective dose. With this approach, I’m not playing all our cards at once and it allows me to increase the volume

For his nutrition, we were on a Low Carb plan in a 10% deficit throughout the 9 weeks. The reason for this is Tristan prefers and eats a Low Carb meal plan year around and was also working through some gut issues at the time. Remember when it comes to a nutrition plan, consistency trumps intensity.

Tristan’s result is proof that quality over quantity & a nutrition plan that can be adhered to can & will deliver fast results. Between his before and after picture there is a .5kg difference in scale weight.

Below is an insight into how I periodised his training:

Accumulation 1:

Rep Scheme: 12,10,8,8
Split: Upper 1, Lower 1, Upper 2, Lower 2
Intensifiers: Rest-Pause Method in C Series

Intensification 1:

Rep Scheme: 8,7,6,5,4
Split: Upper 1, Lower 1, Upper 2, Lower 2
Intensifiers: Extended Eccentrics in A Series on Squat & Dip

Accumulation 2:

Rep Scheme: 10,8,6,6,8,10
Upper 1, Lower, Upper 2, Lower 2
Intensifiers: Drop Sets in C Series

Client Testimonial:

Training with Chris was very educational. Not only did I get a great training program that was precisely created for me as an individual but I also gained a lot of knowledge behind each exercise and learnt cues and techniques immediately implemented with my own clients.

I was pleased about the results I received in the 9 weeks with Chris, I could see physical development in my body but also my numbers increased each session. I was actually surprised that I was able to lift heavier each session because I was on a low carb diet due to gut issues.

I would definitely recommend Chris as a coach for anyone wanting to increase their strength and learn evidence based training techniques that actually work.

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