Kristina Sevior
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Transformation Coach

How long have you been in the industry/training?
5 years

Why are you passionate about the fitness industry?

I am able to encourage and be a guide for people to make them feel empowered towards a lifestyle that increases longevity and vitality.

I also believe that focusing on exercise also incorporates changing and evaluating other parts of your life that may be neglected such as proper nutrition, stress mechanisms, sleep, mental health and spiritual well-being which can bring such a rewarding feeling to someone’s life when they make better choices in these areas; it brings value to my life that I am able to assist in something like this.

What inspired you to become a personal trainer?

When I discovered fitness and exercising, I had body dysmorphia and a very unhealthy relationship with food and exercise.
Exercising was an escape for me as I found year 12 difficult.
After this experience I wanted to educate myself in the correct ways of nutrition and exercise.
As I gained knowledge to have an educated understanding of exercise, it inspired me to help others who were taking their first steps in the gym, to encourage a holistic approach and to give them the support that I needed when I started, to build confidence in not only the gym but in themselves with a healthier, happier lifestyle.

What are your biggest achievements in the industry?
One of my first clients was an older male who suffered from really high blood pressure and type 1 diabetes, and came to me because his family forced him to. He was someone who had always got the bad hand in life but was dedicated to controlling what he could control.. his nutrition and fitness. After 6 months of training 3-5x a week with me and making small tweaks to his nutrition such as portion sizes and food choices, his blood pressure had dropped, he lost 10kgs and his doctor lowered his dosage of his high blood pressure medication. He was always so motivated and it really gave value to what I was contributing to the fitness industry. 

Who is your personal ideal client?
 Someone who is being introduced to their first time in the gym, who struggles with being confident with exercising and is motivated and open to change.
Someone who is willing to be introduced to a holistic approach and into living their best life. 

In regards to your ideal client above, why are you passionate in helping these people?
From personal experience, giving someone the support and empowerment that I missed out on when I first started and giving educated advice so that they are able to start on the right foot to achieve things they never thought they could. 

What are your qualifications?
Diploma of Health Science (Naturopathy – currently studying)
Certificate IV in Fitness

Future Courses/Currently Studying:
Clean Health Program Design Fundamentals
Clean Health Performance PT Level 1
Clean Health Performance Nutrition Level 1
Clean Health Advanced Program Design
Muscle Nerds Program Design

Do you have a fitness quote or motto you live by?

Ready to achieve your goals?