Senior Coach

How long have you been in the industry/training?
I have six years experience in designing and monitoring fitness programs to help clients achieve health, fitness and wellness goals.

Why are you passionate about the fitness industry?
Health and fitness is beyond the treadmill and counting calories. That’s why I’m passionate about holistic health frameworks that exists, to assess your life in 360°. I exist in this industry because I’m extremely passionate about challenging the industry’s status quo. I am highly motivated to transform lifestyles to help clients create the best environment for themselves through movement, nourishment and recovery.

What is your specialty?
• Movement needs – i.e. strength training, mobility, flexibility
• Gut health – i.e. bloating, gas, food intolerances, allergies, sensitivities
• Healthier lifestyle – i.e. nutrition, habits, goal setting, brain fog
• Stress management
• Improving sleep quality

What are your biggest achievements in the industry?

• Orchestrated a studio gym to feature at the Melbourne Fitness Expo 2019
• Novice Iron Revolution Powerlifting (400kg total at 67kg bodyweight)


• One male client weight loss total of 20kg
• One male client total 8kg lean muscle mass in one year.
• Rehabilitation of one client with a frozen shoulder

Who is your personal ideal client
My ideal client is one that values health. They’re not interested in short term results and serious about looking after their health and wellbeing. They’re open minded, adaptable and adventurous. They don’t give excuses. They challenge themselves. They set goals and achieve them, but even when they don’t – they constantly strive to do their best.

In regards to your ideal client above, why are you passionate in helping these people?
I love supporting clients create the best environment holistically through movement, nourishment and recovery. I want to be an advocate in taking a holistic health approach to achieving strength, body composition and optimal health and wellness. There are shortcuts for everything, but if I can help them achieve optimal wellness physically, mentally, and spiritually, it will allow them to live a more joyful and truly healthier way of living.

What are your qualifications?
• International Society Sports Nutrition (ISSN)
• YPSI Body Comp
• Charles Poliquin – BiosignaturePrecision Nutrition
• Powerlifting Australia Certification – Level 1
• Force Mass Acceleration (FMA) Strength Training – Level 1
• Paul Chek: Holistic Lifestyle Coaching – Level 1
• Certificate III and IV in Fitness (Australian Institute Fitness

Do you have a fitness quote or motto you live by?
“The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.”

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