Women’s Health Weekend

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding of female anatomy and its function
  • Understanding of the major hormones and their impact on the body
  • Understanding of what a healthy female menstrual cycle should be
  • Understanding and application of stress impacts on the body
  • Understanding of female hormonal conditions
  • Understanding of birth control and its various impacts on the female body
  • Understanding of different diets and how they affect hormones, weight loss, and long term health
  • Understanding of the different exercise modalities and their impact on health, weight and hormones.
  • Understanding of major eating disorders, warning signs, and their impact on health
  • Application of techniques to optimise hormones
  • Application of techniques to come off of birth control
  • Understanding of reverse dieting protocols
  • Understanding of safe and sustained weight loss
  • Understanding of post-partum weight loss, exercises and hormonal considerations.

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