Tim Diegan

Tim Diegan
BioSIgnature Level 2, ASCA Strength & Conditioning Level 1, Cert III & IV Fitness
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Tim has been involved in fitness all his life, having done Ju-Jitsu, competitive swimming and a range of other sports, he first commenced weight training at 17 years old and has been in-love with the iron ever since.
Tim has nearly a decade of experience in the personal training industry and is passionate about working with those who seek optimal health and body composition. Tim believes that by combining the benefits of resistance training, an efficient nutrition and supplement plan, and managing sleep and stress that you will unlock the key to your best body ever and find a lifestyle that increases your health and longevity.

Athletes Tim has worked with include, natural bodybuilding, figure, fitness and sports model competitors, state level soccer players and A-league youth team players.

Tim also loves helping other personal trainers grow, whether it be in terms of technical knowledge or coaching them on building a better PT business.

Tim prides himself on staying up to date with cutting edge nutrition and resistance training techniques in order to satisfy the needs of clients who desire fat-loss or body-transformation.

Industry Experts that have influenced Tim so far include: Charles Poliquin, Alwyn Cosgrove, Christian Thibeudeu, Phil Learney, Nick Mitchell and John Berardi.

Tim’s favourite quote: Train Hard, Eat Clean, Stay Lean.

Tim’s Qualifications:

  • Manager/Personal Trainer
  • Biosignature Practitioner – Level 2
  • Bioprint Practitioner
  • Level 1 ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • IAPC Certificate in Physique Conditioning & Pre-Contest Bodybuilding